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The Swedana is an herbal steam bath therapy that drains the toxins from deep tissues, offering further and complete detoxification. It also assists in weight loss, helps nourish the skin, cleanses the respiratory system, relieves stiffness, sore muscles and joint pain, reduces inflammation, and helps relieve stress.

The Swedana process, which traditionally follows full-body massage therapies such as Abhyanga, Pizhichil, Kizhi, and Udwarthana, etc.

Sarvanga Swedana is a common method of Swedana procedure applied in most Ayurvedic hospitals. It uses a closed steam chamber with a retractable lidwhere the patients are placed lying supine and in head out position and is warmed with the help of steam impregnated with Ayurvedic decoction flowing into the chamber. The procedure is carried out for few minutes every day preceding a minimal oil massage of the whole body. This procedure is recommended as a first line therapy to many musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions identified as Vataja Nanatmaja (caused by Vata alone) diseases in Ayurveda.

Incidentally, Swedana is identified as one most frequently observed procedures adopted in Ayurvedic Panchakarma clinics. It constitutes approximately 95% of total procedures carried out in Ayurvedic Pancha karma clinics. Out of total enrolments for Swedana, approximately 30% come from Sarvanga Swedana alone. Clinical effects of Swedana have previously been identified through patient response surveys and clinical interventional studies.

Passive heat therapy is known to have its systemic effects. Ayurvedic Swedana therapy, being akin to passive heat therapy on account of methods employed to warm the body, utilizes principles similar to that of passive heating and thereby is hypothesized to have similar systemic hemodynamic effects.

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